Wednesday, June 25, 2008

a little business

I'm excited to finally start working towards becoming a professional. I've dreamed of this for 10 years now and it's actually going to become a reality. I've made a 1-2 year goal for my official start date. So, for the next two years I will be studying and photographing families for nearly free. I hope to make a tiny bit of money along the way to offset the start-up cost of my real photography business. I'm scared to death and super excited at the same time! Anyway, I wanted to share this wonderful news just in case I have some actual readers here, lol!

Summer is here and summer is sweet!

These are photos of my own kids from our most recent "photo shoot." I love summertime and summer light. I'm trying to practice using natural light from different directions. I still have a lot to learn about those freaking f-stops.